Professional Nutrition to help you reach your beyond

We are IMPACT Performance; A UK based sports and Nutrition Brand - Informed Sports Partner. We supply a range of high quality sports and nutritional supplements for anyone working to improve their performance and reach beyond. We create products specifically developed to support elite athlete performance.

You were born to make an impact

We aim to inspire people to truly believe they are capable of achieving more. At IMPACT we believe our consumers goals should be limitless. Exceeding your benchmark and surpassing what you think is possible.

Our products have been developed with the same mantra; Professional nutrition to help you reach your beyond.


Informed Sport

We take your reputation as seriously as we do our own. As many as one in ten sports supplements can be contaminated with ingredients and compounds prohibited in sport, so you need to ensure that your trusted nutrition partners consider their product development as seriously as you do your performance.

A Champion at its heart

Impact was created by Charles Atkinson in the mid 90s when he first produced a range of boxing gloves and ancillary equipment under that name and with the distinctive Impact logo. Sales continued for a number of years until his coaching commitments caused him to cease trading for a long spell. Charles Atkinson is a British former boxer, fight promoter, manager, agent and trainer/coach. He has coached and trained boxers who have won 10 professional world titles and has been involved in more than 50 world title fights in five continents.